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YAVA is a highly configurable and flexible Mono/Poly synth. The package also includes YFG - a totally off the wall sound-fx VSTi.


Oscillator 1 :(Orch. Oscillator) Gives a large stacked oscillator sound, variable between Sawtooth, Square Wave and Triangle. Width control used to detune stack and Orch selectors used to give various degrees of octave spans.
Oscillator 2: (Morph Oscillator) Provides 5 basic waveforms (including noise), these are then constantly variable using the Morph and Shape controls to mutate the waveforms into more harmonically rich structures. Osc 2 can be synced to Oscillator 1 and can be detuned in fine amounts or using the note indicator provided.
Autobend: can provide a sweep up in note or a sweep down in note at each key event or each trigger pulse from Gate 1 or Gate 2. Variable for Speed, Duration, and Amount.
LFO S&H: A combination LFO or S&H module, which uses variable waveforms as its modulation source. Both LFO and S&H clocks can be free-running or synced to the host tempo. As well as S&H the clock for the S&H module can be derived from Gate 1 or Gate 2 for more interesting rhythmic effects.
Vibrato LFO: Used as a pitch modulation source for either or both of the 2 oscillators. Contains controls for Rate, Delay, Depth and can be triggered from note on or Gates 1 or 2.
Modulation: Using a variable mix of Oscs 1 or 2 the Modulation unit provides Ring Modulation or Frequency modulation of the signal. It can be configured to enter the signal path either before or after the filter and can be volume controlled by virtue of the env button. Mixed in Post filter the Modulation unit can deliver some heavy distortion effects. Both Modulation pitch and Modulation volume are available in the Mod matrix.
Envelopes 1 & 2: Used for filter or other modulation uses. Both envelopes can be triggered from note on or Gates 1 or 2.
State Variable Filter: can be configured to run in parallel (2 x 12db/oct) mode or series (1 x 24db/oct) mode. Both filters are variable between Lo, Band or Hi pass modes.
Gate Arrays 1 & 2: Can be used to provide 8 steps of rhythmic triggering. Gates 1 & 2 are available as triggers to many other YAVA2 modules.
Sequencer grid 1 & 2: can be used as a modulation source to the Mod matrix. Able to be synced to host tempo, and used in free voltage or note steps with display of current note value.
Modulation Matrix: An 8 x 9 matrix of sources and destinations to deliver a high degree of control over the finished sound.
Glide controls: Provide not only glide between notes but also glissando (note stepped glide).
BPM Delays: Twin BPM synced delays which can be tempo-locked to varying sub-divisions and spread across the stereo field.

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