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analog vst

The Roberson Audio interpretation of the MiniMoog Model D synthesizer.

Thissynth is meant to be a model of the Minimoog Model D synthesizer, and alot of time was invested to get it the way it sounds, includingoscillator and filter character as well as modulation struction andresponse.

The synth was built with 48khz sample rate in mind, soit may not sound the same in other sample rates (generally though,higher will not have negative effects)

Even though a mod wheel isnot present in the graphical portion of the synth, using the mod wheelon your keyboard still has the same effect as the real synth

Thereis a switch on the synth for an external input. In a real Minimoog,this could receive any audio input, but for this plug-in it has beenhardwired as a feedback loop from the audio output of the synth. Becareful pushing the volume of it too high!

The synth iscompletely monophonic, with priority given to last note played. Realismhas been sacrificed for playability, but I believe it is a goodtrade-off in this instance.

analog vst analog vst ---- ----
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